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        Fan cold summer merchandise sales continued high temperatures


        13 days 2 when the highest temperature chart shows, the highest temperature of Kunming exceeded 28 ℃, reached 28.4 ℃, is the highest temperature in Kunming this year. Enter since April, continued to fine and hot dry weather across the province, the temperature rising, but also to let the people who feel ahead of the summer as hot as.

        The hot weather, so the major shopping malls in Kunming to become a good place for the summer people, electric fan, cold drinks and sunscreen products, become the businessmen pushing products in advance.

        The hot weather will continue through May

        According to the monitoring data, the meteorological department shows, 13 days, 16 cities and counties in Yunnan, there are 41 meteorological observation stations of the maximum temperature above 30 ℃, the highest temperature of 6 stations at 35 ℃ -37 ℃, and have 2 stations of the highest temperature easily exceeded 37 ℃. The Yuanjiang, Yuanyang, Qiaojia three of the highest temperature, respectively is 39.5 ℃, 38.7 ℃, 37.4 ℃. The highest temperature in Jinsha River Valley, the Lancang River, the Yuanjiang River Valley area also exceeded 30 ℃, 35 ℃ in some areas even exceeded. The provincial meteorological observatory experts predict, the next three days, in most areas of Yunnan province will maintain fine and hot dry weather, while the highest temperature in Kunming will remain at 28 ℃ around.

        "The hot weather will continue through May will be entering the rainy season after remission." Meteorological experts said, at present, Yunnan is in the dry season, the weather to clear heat and less rainfall, maximum temperature between 4-5 in the afternoon, but the afternoon 12 point -18, UV grade is higher, has reached the level 5.

        The mall is a cool

        2 pm yesterday, in the burning sun, downtown Nanping pedestrian not many people in the streets. But a large shopping mall in the vicinity of the crowded. "Today is Monday, but the flow of people we store than previous work day more." A staff member said, Kunming temperature continued to rise, the market this year in late April or early 5 will open air conditioning scheme is more than half a month ahead, but it has attracted a lot of shopping people into shopping malls in the shade, increase the market popularity.

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