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Snowfan 50*50*25 mm DC Fan 5025 Blower fan 5v 12v 24v DC Blower Fan

 Brushless Fan,DC Blower Fan,Brushless DC Blower Fan,50x50x25mm Sper fan 

| Speed: 3000-5100rpm

| Total Airflow: 5.38-6.88 CFM

| Air Pressure: 4.96-16.56 mmH2O 

| Total Noise: 25.5-37.1 dBA 

| Bearings: Ball/ Sleeve/Fluid Bearing;.

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Product Details

** Cooling DC Blower Fan 5V/12V/24V 50x50x25mm Widely used in humidifier, aromatherapy,Car ventilation,Printer and other small appliances series; small heat radiating communication equipment; military equipment; intelligent industrial control equipment plate cooling heat, high precision medical equipment cooling; pc cpu server cooling dissipation and so on.

** Bearing: Pure copper bearing made in Japan. Guaranteed to continuously run 50,000 hours at temp 40℃ Humidity 5%~95%. Speed: 3000-5100 RPM customized.

Total Size : 50*50*25mm (L*D*H);

Cable Length : 25cm/9.8"/customized; 

Mounting Spacing : 5.8cm/2.3";

Weight : 26.3g/pcs

**This fan is made of special and premium materials for Environmental protection and fire prevention PBT UL94V-0. It is high temperature resistant and extremely durable.

Snowfan 50*50*25 mm DC Fan 5025 Blower fan 5v 12v 24v DC Blower Fan(图1)

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50*50*25-L12127.0to13.50.11 1.32 
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50*50*25-M12127.0to13.50.14 1.68 
50*50*25-M242418to26.50.08 1.92 
50*50*25-HO553.6to6.80.35 1.75 40000.186.1810.030.3930.9
50*50*25-H12127.0to13.50.20 2.40 
50*50*25-H242418to26.50.10 2.40 
50*50*25-H12-HH127.0to13.50.25 3.00 50000.196.8816.560.6537.1
50*50*25-H24-HH2418to26.50.12 2.88