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60x60x38mm high cfm 12v axial electric motor 60mm dc brushless fan

high cfm , 12V DC Cooling fan,  axial flow fans

 * Bearings: Ball/Sleeve/Hydraulic Bearing

 * Premium Environmental and fire prevention PBT UL94V-0 impeller and Frame.

 * Full Certification included CE/UL/TUV.

 * Customizable Wire and Connectors

 * Customizable Function for Motor protection(RP/SS/LP/CL),Signal output(FG/RD/RDB/LD),Speed control mode(PWM/TC/VC/CC/CS).

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Product Details

Product details:

| Size: 60*60*38mm Series

| Voltage: DC 12V-48V

| Current: 0.06-1.7Amp

| Speed: 4000-17000rpm

| Total Airflow: 14-66CFM

| Air Pressure: 5.52-82mmH2O 

| Total Noise: 27-65dBA

60x60x38mm high cfm 12v axial electric motor 60mm dc brushless fan(图1)60x60x38mm high cfm 12v axial electric motor 60mm dc brushless fan(图2)

Compare With Similar Items

SizeRated VoltageOperating Voltage RangeRated CurrentRated Input PowerSpeedMaximum Air FlowMaximum Air PressureNoise

60*60*38-L12128.0to13.50.11 1.32 40000.4114.655.520.2227.8
60*60*38-L242418to26.50.06 1.44 
60*60*38-M12128.0to13.50.15 1.80 50000.5118.017.810.3134.2
60*60*38-M242418to26.50.08 1.92 
60*60*38-M484836to540.04 1.92 
60*60*38-H12128.0to13.50.17 2.04 60000.6322.1811.280.4438.2
60*60*38-H242418to26.50.09 2.16 
60*60*38-H484836to540.05 2.40 
60*60*38-H12-HH128.0to13.50.27 3.24 80000.8529.8819.530.7746.3
60*60*38-H24-HH2418to26.50.14 3.36 
60*60*38-H48-HH4836to540.07 3.36 
60*60*38-H12-VH128.0to13.50.45 5.40 100001.0838.0229.71.1750.8
60*60*38-H24-VH2418to26.50.23 5.52 
60*60*38-H48-VH4836to540.11 5.28 
60*60*38-H12-SH128.0to13.50.67 8.04 120001.3146.142.191.6657.6
60*60*38-H24-SH2418to26.50.34 8.16 
60*60*38-H48-SH4836to540.17 8.16 
60*60*38-H12-EH128.0to13.51.20 14.40 150001.6457.7464.082.5261.4
60*60*38-H24-EH2418to26.50.62 14.88 
60*60*38-H48-EH4836to540.31 14.88 
60*60*38-H12-GH128.0to13.51.70 20.40 170001.8766.1682.923.2665.3
60*60*38-H24-GH2418to26.50.88 21.20 
60*60*38-H48-GH4836to540.42 20.60