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12038-3 Waterproof IP68 Industrial Cooling Fan 120*120*38mm PWM low noise 120mm DC Axial Flow Fan

DC Fan,DC Miner Fan,DC Fan Waterproof,Axial flow fans

 * Bearings: Ball /Sleeve/Fluid Bearing

 * Long Lifespan Up to 70 000 hrs.

 * Premium Environmental and fire prevention PBT UL94V-0 impeller and Frame.

 * Full Certification included CE/UL/TUV.

 * Customizable Wire and Connectors

 * Customizable Function for Motor protection(RP/SS/LP/CL),Signal output(FG/RD/RDB/LD),Speed control mode(PWM/TC/VC/CC/CS).

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Product Details

Product details:

| Size: 120*120*38mm Series

| Voltage: DC 5V-48V

| Current: 0.12-4Amp

| Speed: 1500-5500rpm

| Total Airflow: 90-249.03CFM

| Air Pressure: 4.5-32.43 mmH2O 

| Total Noise: 43.2-69.6dBA

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SizeRated VoltageOperating Voltage RangeRated CurrentRated Input PowerSpeedMaximum Air FlowMaximum Air PressureNoise

120*120*38-LO554.0to6.80.24 1.20 15002.55904.50.1843.2
120*120*38-L12128.0to13.50.12 1.20 
120*120*38-L242418to26.50.07 1.68 
120*120*38-M12128.0to13.50.64 7.68 25003.14110.826.590.2651.5
120*120*38-M242418to26.50.33 7.92 
120*120*38-M484836to540.18 8.64 
120*120*38-H12128.0to13.51.11 13.32 35004.50 158.8212.90.5159.3
120*120*38-H242418to26.50.62 14.88 
120*120*38-H484836to540.28 13.44 
120*120*38-H12-VH128.0to13.52.57 30.84 45006.08214.7222.270.8866
120*120*38-H24-VH2418to26.51.30 31.20 
120*120*38-H48-VH4836to540.65 31.20 
120*120*38-H12-SH128.0to13.54.00 48.00 55007.05249.0332.431.2869.6
120*120*38-H24-SH2418to26.52.00 48.00 
120*120*38-H48-SH4836to541.00 48.00