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DC Cooling Fan-----(60x60x25mm)

DC Cooling Fan(60x60x25mm),the cooling fan is a tiny and light fan,It is suitable for Home appliances, Car industry, Medical Equipment,Charging pile,Power supply and so on. 

The voltage of this fan can be 5 V& 12 V&24V&48V , speed can be 3500-6000, R.P.M,air flow can be 17.77--31.21, Noise can be 30.4-45.4

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Product Details

1) Brand: Snowfan

2) Bearing System: Ball & Sleeve bearing

3) Products life is up to your request. Different bearings affects products life;

4) The impeller is made of PBT With Fiber Class Filed UL-94V0 and has 7 fan blades

5) Voltage: 5V&12V&24V&48V

6) Weight: 61.2g

7) Out Put Signal: FG/RD/RDB/LD

8) Speed control mode: PWM

DC Cooling Fan-----(60x60x25mm)(图1)

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